Thursday, March 19, 2015

Being a Mom { 11 }


We have a little explorer on our hands! Claire used to only crawl around my feet or at least near me, however now she is all over the house! Which, it is great that she is being brave, but less great for me, because I have to chase her all over the house. She is also climbing and standing up on everything, that results in a lot of tumbling and falling.

So far she has her two bottom teeth, and I think she is working on some more, which is no fun for any of us. We have decided that she has a crazy fast metabolism, because she is a huge eater! Where she puts all the food she eats I have no idea. lol Her favorite foods right now are bananas, sweet potatoes and little rice puffs.

She has been saying mama and dada a lot, mama when she is sad and dada when she is happy. : P Drives me crazy!

I have had to temporarily switch Claire to disposable diapers. I tried a new laundry detergent which she had a really bad reaction to. So I rewashed them with a detergent that my mom gave me to try, and again it flared up. So I am going back to the old way of doing things! Until then my child looks like she has no butt! lol 

As far as being a mom goes, it has been crazy! I have been trying to do more art and crocheting but she makes that really hard to do. She likes to be played with all the time and if she wants me and I am doing things around the house she will whine, cry and crawl, following me around the house. Even though she is a ball of energy and a handful I love her dearly!

And now for pictures. ;P



  1. Love her silly face while looking at her fox! ❤️

  2. Those eyelashes!! Love the photos of her with the fox